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Enjoy the ultimate comfort experience with even more ease. Now the RemoteKEY module allows you to operate your windows and sunroof using your Factory Key Fob as you walk up to, or away from, your vehicle. Also, get audible confirmation "beeps" from your horn as you lock and unlock your Mercedes.

TV/DVD Playback while driving
Lifts the manufacturer imposed limit to only play back TV/DVD while stopped.
Uses steering wheel buttons
DVD video in motion can quickly be enabled or disabled using button sequences on the steering wheel.
Permanent solution
All functionality stays in place even after manufacturer DVD/Navi software updates at the dealer.
Full text setup in car display
Configure functions of the module to meet your personal preferences via our full text setup menu.
Passive / Invisible mode
Turn the whole module off with an easy key sequence. Ideal when letting someone else drive your car.
Chirp-signal function
Short audible signals when locking and/or unlocking the car.
Remote window control
Open and close all windows by remote.
Remote roof control
Open and close the sunroof by remote.
Automatic door locks
Set power locks to automatically lock and unlock the doors when you drive.
Home Light
Remotely activate the headlights for 30 seconds.
Reversible plug-in installation
Remove any time allowing sale or return of a leased vehicle in its original condition.
USB Port for easy setup / updates
This module can be configured and updated using any Mac or PC.
Designed for:C-Class (203) Model Year 2000+
E-Class (211) Model Year 2002+
S-Class (220)
ML-Class (W164) Model Year 2005+
GL-Class (X164) Model Year 2006+
R-Class (W251/V251) Model Year 2005+
E13 Certification:E13 10R - 03 10070
Standby Power:< 0.1mA