NeedsWings Waldig Supercooler

Heat Exchanger for Air / Water Intercooler
Estimated Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks

4 times the volume of the factory heat exchanger!  Combined with the Intercooler Fluid isolation kit and chill charger fluid (both highly recommended to complete the cooling circuit upgrade) we see cruising air intake temperatures going into the intake manifolds at 10-15F above ambient, which is about 30 degrees cooler than factory.

Mounting Hardware
Power Steering Cooling replacement line kit (optional depending on if you already have our air intake kit)

You will need to supply your own Coolant and Distilled Water.

If you already have our Dual Cold Air Intake kit then you will already have the Power Steering Cooling line kit and you will not need that portion of this kit again.  You can deselect the PS cooling line kit above and save on the overall cost of the kit.

***The SRT6 will accept both the DCAI and the Supercooler together without issues.  The SLK32 requires the use of an aftermarket upper front grill in order to fit both the DCAI and Supercooler together.