NeedsWings Crossfire and SLK SKREEM Repair / Refurbish

Security Module
Estimated Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks

Is your car now starting for 1 second and then turning off? Will it do this twice and then no longer crank until the vehicle battery is disconnected to reset the system?  This could be due to your Sentry Key Remote Entry Module (SKREEM) malfunctioning causing issues with the key and the alarm communication.   We can Repair / Refurbish your OEM SKREEM while keeping your specific VIN and Keys.  Once repaired / refurbished, We will bench test your system and prepare it so no coding will be required on your part.  This will be a Plug-n-Play Solution.  We will back our work with a 3 year warranty!

Since this part is the alarm module and considered theft relevant, we need to verify proper ownership of the vehicle before we can complete an order.  In order to repair / refurbish the SKREEM as necessary and then bench test the system we will need here.

  1. A copy / picture of the current state issued vehicle Registration or Title.  Current state issued registration is preferred and processes quicker.  If your registration is expired, send the title instead as there is no expiration date.  You can email a picture or print it out and include in the box with your parts.

  2. A copy / picture of the matching owner's Driver’s License or State Issued Identification (cannot be expired). You can email a picture or print it out and include in the box with your parts.

  3. Your OEM SKREEM module (located behind the instrument cluster), we will send instructions for removal.

  4. Your Engine Computer, sometimes referred to as PCM or ECU. The ECU is in the black plastic box next to the vehicle battery under the hood.  We will send instructions for removal.

  5. All existing Keys.

  6. Your old Antenna ring, we will replace this with a new one.

Current turnaround time is 2 weeks.  We can perform this repair on North American as well as EXPORT model Crossfires.

This process requires a tremendous amount of time to get through each cars code while retaining the factory VIN in harmony so that if Chrysler ever does begin to produce VIN coded parts again, we are still in sync.  This means you will still be able to Pass State Vehicle Emissions Testing and / or Sell the vehicle with the same VIN in the system as the VIN on the Chassis and Title.  We are not swapping junkyard parts.

If your existing switch blade key fob case(s) have broken key ring loops or missing rubber button covers, we can replace the cases with new black cases. If the original key fob cases are still in good shape, they can be reused without any problem as we do not need to open/destroy them.

We can also make spare Keys and SKREEMs as well for you as an option while your system is here and being configured.
- Traditional Valet Key = These will manually open the driver door,  glovebox and run the car but NOT have keyless lock / unlock / panic buttons.  They will look like a traditional key.
- Switch Blade Key = These will manually open the driver door, glovebox and run the car AND have keyless lock / unlock / panic buttons functions. 
- Spare SKREEM = We stand behind our repair, but if you want an extra to keep on hand for the future we can configure a spare for you.

Once we recieve your order we will then email you with instructions to remove the needed parts and directions for shipping them to us.

Here is a video showing the symptoms of a malfunctioned SKREEM unit compared to a properly working SKREEM unit.