NeedsWings Stage 3 Cylinder Head Work m113k

Reworked, Ported, Polished, Coated
Estimated Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks

NeedsWings Stage 3 Cylinder Head Work

Cylinder Head Machine Work including...

Full port and polish (equavilant to a stage 3 port/polish)
Fully reconditioned
Fully polished chambers
Backcut valves
Deck milled with a CBN cutter for proper RA surface finish
4 angle valve job on a serdi machine with less then 0.001 runout
Valve tips have been corrected
New valve stem seals
Teflon velocity coating on the intake ports (for increased flow)
Gold Ceramic Thermal coating on the exhaust ports (to keep heads cooler and increase flow)

We prefer to start and finish on your own heads.  We also can do this on an exchange basis with an appropriate core charge.  Please inquire for current core charges and lead time. 

Original Camshafts and Cam Caps stay with heads

yellow = stock exhaust port
purple = stock intake port

red = new exhaust port
teal = new intake port before coating
blue = new intake port after teflon velocity coating