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Thanks for the great products and all your support. I look forward to my next stage of mods. - Jae

NeedsWings SRT6 Crossfire Dual Cold Air Intake System

SALE $ 679.95

NeedsWings SRT6 Crossfire Dual Cold Air Intake System

Our original Cold Air Intake Kit is a beautiful piece, customers have seen up to 35whp gains and 0.2-0.3 tenths improvement in their ¼ mile ET’s. Who could ask for more right? Well Mr. Waldig did so we sent him another CAI kit to play with. After not too long his idea was born.  The only problem was that the needed silicone Y coupler didn’t exist premade.  We finally found a reputable silicone manufacturer willing to make the couplers for us from scratch. Upon receiving the couplers we couldn’t believe how well they came out.  They are a work of art in themselves. 

We needed to transition the driver’s side radiator pass thru from 3" to a 2.75” section to keep everything safe without pressing against or possibly damaging the radiator vent port.   This is the cause of the extra set of hose clamps that will be seen under the hood.  The transition to/from 3” to 2.75” is very subtle and with a nice radius so it isn’t very restrictive, especially with the Teflon velocity coating there. We had to do the neck-down, sorry, I know we lose the “perfect” symmetry but we got very close.  We build products with a “no new holes” approach; no OEM parts are harmed for this to be installed and this kit is completely reversible if ever needed. 

The OEM power steering cooling line is in the way for the driver’s side filter. That line needs to be replaced with the line kit we made up for the Supercooler install. The line kit will be included for everyone that doesn’t already have one. If you do already have our Supercooler kit on your car, let us know and we can discount the Dual Cold Air Intake kit for not needing to include another powersteering line kit.

The Teflon Velocity Flow Finish is a low friction fluoropolymer coating designed to increase airflow velocity in components where air speed is an important performance factor.  The fluoropolymer finish is a blend of high performance resins and fluoropolymer lubricants.  Small imperfections in an uncoated surface (raw aluminum tubing) cause a roiling eddy of turbulent air currents to persist and move in all directions as they are pushed along the duct when air flows over the surface at high speeds.  The greater the turbulence, the greater the energy required to move the air or fluid.  The Velocity Flow Finish smoothes the surface and reduces the friction that drains energy from the flowing air.  As a result, turbulence is significantly reduced and the system gains air flow efficiency, which translates to greater power.  This coating can be used on a variety of components including cold air intakes, turbo and blower compressors, cylinder head ports, intake manifolds, intercoolers, intercooler tubing, hood scoops, carburetors and throttle bodies.
Flow increases in the 8-10% range have been seen on the flow bench with this coating!

This coating is safe with nitrous, water, and methanol.  The Teflon will not flake off.   As an added benefit of the Teflon Velocity Coating is that it can be tinted a large range of color’s which in turn eliminates the need for powder coating.  Color choices include Silver, Gunmetal Grey, Black, Red, Yellow, Green or Blue Teflon Velocity Coatings.  Please specify your preference in the special instructions section at checkout.  Kits are custom built and then coated per order in your color choice so please expect a 5 to 14 business day turnaround time before your kit can ship out.

This system has picked up an additional 128cfm above our single CAI system (also Teflon Coated) on the flow bench at a very conservative flow rate @ 15in/h20.   This Dual Cold Air Intake System will outflow the flow bench at high vacuum!

Install should take one and a half hours, most of that will be removing the factory components and installing the power steering cooling line replacement included in this kit.

A valve cover breather hose is also included to be routed into our intake (same emissions setup as factory).  Everything is included except for the chance that you may need more power steering line fluid if you spill a lot during the p/s line swap.  We include rubber caps to aid in the swap to plug the lines.  If you use them and don’t excessively spill the fluid out you can get the still clean fluid out of the old line to refill the reservoir.  If you do spill too much fluid durring the install, the bottle of Pentosin CHF11-S is $20-25 at a local Dodge parts counter (or $40 if you go to a Mercedes parts counter). DO NOT USE standard powersteering fluid or it may damage the power steering pump.

This product carries our three year warranty against manufacturer defects and is sold for off road use only as we have not had it CARB certified.   Although it is not shown below, the OEM and aftermarket grill do go back on without any problems.

The Kit also fits the Mercedes SLK32 AMG

This last image is from a SRT6 customer that custom airbrushed his kit and cut out his engine cover from his original airbox.  We do not sell the artwork done below nor do we build the engine cover side pieces as shown, but you can!

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