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Thank you very much!

Thanks for the great products and all your support. I look forward to my next stage of mods. - Jae

NeedsWings SRT4 Neon Oil Catch Can Kit

SALE $ 99.95

NeedsWings SRT4 Neon Oil Catch Can Kit

Included with the kit will be…
Catch can with SRT-4 Neon specific mounting bracket
Manual Drain
Zip ties for securing hose routing
TIG welded 6061 billet aluminum construction
All aluminum hose connections are beaded for a sure seal.
3 chambered internal design with stainless steel filtration media.

These are made out of 6061 billet aluminum, low restriction, high filtration, easy to drain, direct bolt-on kit with all hoses and fittings.

Why would we need such a part?
The PCV valve cover port feeding into the Intake Manifold is pulling oil into the intake stream from the factory.  This is coating everything after the throttle body with oil. For those of you that have looked at the inside of your intake manifold will know what we are referring to. This oil coating is causing inefficiency to the cooling and flow through the intake manifold, MAP sensor and combustion chamber. The spark plugs will eventually foul as well due to this oil.   In short, its crud and we don't want it.

We usually have black teflon coated kits in stock as they are by far the most popular color.  In the event that we are waiting on more to be coated there may be up to a week wait on the kit.  We can also coat them in silver, grey, red, yellow or blue upon request in the “special instructions” area at checkout.
Expect a 1-2 week wait for colors other than black.

The can is design to hold a good amount of oil before loosing its efficiency.  Please drain your catchcan at every oil change (or 3000 miles).

The Inlet port is clearly marked with "IN" so there can be no confusion.  This will be for the line coming from the PCV port on the passenger side of the valve cover.

The drain port is a finger tightened cap with included o-ring.  When you are under the car changing the oil simply slide the oil drain pan under the drain port, open the drain cap and let drain.  Re-cap and you are finished.  You do not need to remove the can to drain!

Thick 1/4" aluminum mounting bracket.

Installs on the driver's side frame rail.

Mounting locations shown below.  (cold-side intercooler pipe is not included)

This kit is designed to be used with aftermarket cold air intake kit.

A four-stroke engine is characterized by four strokes or movements of a piston in a cylinder. These include the intake (induction) stroke, the compression stroke, the power stroke, and the exhaust stroke with no exception on the Dodge Neon SRT4 Turbo.

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