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Thanks for the great products and all your support. I look forward to my next stage of mods. - Jae

NeedsWings PT Cruiser Turbo 3" Cutout Downpipe - ptdpv5


NeedsWings PT Cruiser Turbo 3" Cutout Downpipe

This is the ultimate PT/GT Cruiser Turbo exhaust downpipe! It is100% stainless, 304ss flanges, stainless flex's, 16 gauge 304ss tubing, mandrel bent, dual stainless o2 bungs & hand TIG welded. A manual block off plate is included as well as o2 housing to the downpipe bolts. The pipe measures 3" all the way to the end where it reduces down to 2.25" to accommodate both the stock and mopar/borla exhaust cat-back.

Turbo cars perform much better with less backpressure (the turbo spools faster and with less resistance). That’s the idea here. This eliminates all the backpressure created by forcing the exhaust air through the catalytic converter. This downpipe will bolt into a stock PT/GT Cruiser Turbo. It has two o2 bungs in it, meaning there is a hole to screw in the stock rear o2 sensor as well as an extra bung. The extra bung is there for a wideband o2 sensor to be used in the downpipe. A plug is also included in the event you don’t want to run a wideband o2 sensor. This downpipe is the best of both worlds, when closed. It will be much more free flowing than stock, yet not too loud. When open it’s a whole different beast - it screams! This can be opened without lifting up the car. We have positioned it to be able to be accessible from reaching under that car and removing the three wing nuts. When the exhaust temperature increases you will need a pair of pliers to open/close it because it gets HOT! Manually this cutout can be opened/closed as many times as you want.

This pipe is made alongside the SRT-4 Downpipes and gets all the same bells and whistles. The only difference is in the reducer.

**Due to this downpipe not having a catalytic converter it is being sold for OFF ROAD ONLY use.

Downpipes are made in batches per order, please allow 5-10 business days wait before your custom made downpipe ships.

**Buyer assumes all responsibility with this part. We are not responsible for misuse or improper tuning!

An aftermarket exhaust system is a key component to the basic performance upgrades to the Chrysler GT Cruiser Turbo and will change the attitude of your street or race car. An engine is a large air pump, the faster we can get air in and out the more efficiently it can make horsepower and torque for you to enjoy on your Chrysler GT Cruiser Turbo.

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