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Thanks for the great products and all your support. I look forward to my next stage of mods. - Jae

Fuel In-Line Check Valve


Fuel In-Line Check Valve

this is a fuel safe in-line check valve to hold pressure in the lines/rail when the motor is turned off. With a week or non-existent factory check valve which is located on the outlet of the fuel pump the car will crank for an extended period of time before firing over. This is due to the fuel pressure bleeding back off to the tank when the car is off. This in-line check valve should be installed between the fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator to keep the fuel pressure from bleeding back through the fuel pump when turned off and still allowing a vent back to the tank through the regulator.

This check valve is recommended when using a Walbro fuel pump or if you're factory check valve has weakened over the years and you have excessive cranking time.

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